Talk and Pizza: Documenting Summer Heat Stress in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings - October 18, 2018

During extended heat waves, temperatures don’t cool off at night in apartments but continue to remain over 26 degrees.  RSVP Please.

Join us as we learn from Matt Thompson, Community Developer and Beasley resident about the challenges this presents to vulnerable people living in tall towers. Matt has been monitoring homes this summer, measuring nights and total hours above 26°C. He compares these results to the hours that the city of Hamilton has an actual declared heat emergency.

Date: Thursday, Oct 18th
Time: 6:30 p.m. (Pizza at 6 pm)
Place: CityLab. Beside City Hall. 58 Jackson Street West (Football Hall of Fame).

RSVP: Contact Beatrice to register and for more details at or call 905-549-0900.